NTEO has developed its own Bluetooth Low Energy multi-platform API called BlueWire. We also have improved on conventional iBeacon architecture. A lot.


Mobile Beacon System

A well known fruit company proposes a Beacon Architecture for Stores and Enterprises where you fix small inexpensive beacons on walls or ceilings and must use expensive  iPhones and Apps in order for anything to work. 

At NTEO we think one should do the exact opposite.

Not everyone has an iPhone. Not everything is a person. What about something like a cart or an hospital volumetric pump? 

The small inexpensive beacons should be mobile and given as tokens, bracelets or fidelity cards to customers or fixed on objects. Receptors should be wireless, networked and use regular electrical outlets for easy fool-proof deployment and maintenance. 

As with standard beacons you still recognize customers, visitors, get data, push notifications. But with MBS you have the choice: the whole environment can react with projections, videos and sounds or you can send info to any smartphone. Android or iPhone. 



BlueWire is a bi-directional multi-platform API built to facilitate communications with BLE devices. It allows third-party developers to spend valuable time on other things than mangling different BLE technologies, APIs and SDKs.

Wireless SENSORS

NTEO has experimented or developed for clients a large number of wireless, iphone compatible sensors and electronic devices.

Heart rate monitors, oxygen levels, color detection, infrared thermometer, triangulated strain gauges, pHmeter, wood beam detector, current sensor, wireless balance, micro GPS collar. And more.