Interactive and extensible iPad Magazines and eBooks.

Advanced data acquisition, data display, real time calculations and remote control of sensors, tables and graphs that can fill themselves. Live pictures and videos.

Data transmission and storage can be cloud-based or local through BLE. In local mode Sensor Stations will transmit only to tablets or smartphones within a set distance. Business Logic can reside on a distant server, or on mobile devices.



This is an Enhanced Digital Documents Editor based on the concept of moveable and extensible blocks.

Blocks for text, video, audio, pictures. Editable blocks: drawing pad, checkbox, answer box, note taking, points of interest, picture and video taking right in the already published document.

HTML5 and iframe blocks for complete versatility: insert your own code! MOTTO documents have their own database so that all modifications and actions from the users are conserved.

MOTTO interactive documents can be distributed by download directly from a web site or from a simple email. Perfect for eBooks, manuals or magazines.

The future of digital books and more.

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It is both a reader app and a library for MOTTO documents. It is also the reader that calls on the camera, GPS and microphone of the device in use. It assures the communication between MOTTO documents and NTEO sensors like infrared cameras or pH meters.