NTEO is a multidisciplinary team of engineers and specialists in software development, physics and electronics.

We make Bluetooth-enabled Applications and Forms for iPhones and iPad, Interactive Documents, and custom BLE Sensors and Beacons. 



Enhanced Digital

IPad and iPhone Forms. Interactive and extensible eBooks.

These Smart Automated Forms connect to sensors, machines, BLE handheld measuring instruments, GPS. They can send data to distant servers or databases.

The books can do that too. And more. They can be extended with user-generated contents, shared with colleagues or friends and offer usage monitoring to publishers or sponsors.

NTEO can create these forms and books for you or provide its customers with their own Editors and custom Mobile Readers


Internet of Things

NTEO creates its own sensors and beacons using BLE, RFID, or WIFI. NTEO also codes the related mobile applications, servers and databases.

NTEO has also developed an innovative approach to Beacons called MBS, Mobile Beacon System that let you deploy beacon networks quickly and without the need to link to an iPhone app.

NTEO projects and prototypes include so far biometrics for sports, micro gps collars, home automation, product quality control and miniature robots.

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